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Who We Are

Our mission is create opportunities for sustainable income for informal and unskilled workers, globally. We provide data labeling services to third party vendors, suppliers, and companies by utilizing a diverse workforce that is fully remote. Our labeling is quality control checked and uses state of the art technology.


Our platform opens the market to the largest untapped demographics, rich in cultural and contextual information. A platform that transcends language, education, age and literacy barriers.

At AI4Nomads, we believe access to education and technological edge can empower everyone towards a successful future. Join us on this global mission to democratize AI literacy and build Diversity into AI Training. 

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Our Story

Democratizing Economic Growth & Digital Literacy

The inspiration for AI4Nomads was born in the month of March 2020, watching the "migrants exodus" in India, the name given by the media to the suicidal exodus on foot by thousands of informal workers who had migrated to the cities looking for a better life, back to their villages as the Indian Government abruptly locked down the cities. Without work, they decided to take their chances at their villages than to die of hunger in the city.

What was common to them all?

They all had hunger, lack of higher education, lack of resources, disadvantages of many kinds….

And a mobile phone. Yes, they all had one.

I wanted to know if that piece of technology that tethers them to the 21st century can be used as a steppingstone to pull them into financial security. What if the platform to label data for AI is as easy to operate as a social messenger app?

Can it be done?

AI4Nomads PBC was the Yes to that question. We are committed to bringing Economic Opportunities to all & AI Literacy to the masses and Diversity in  AI Technologies.

On a mobile. Anywhere in the world. 

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Aligned with United Nations Sustainable Goals for the Year 2030

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