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The AI Literacy Revolution to Disrupt Poverty

AI4Nomads is a Public Benefit Corporation bringing to the World, the first online platform that lets everyone label data to train AI on a phone and get paid.


Our Technology

Bringing AI Data Labeling to Mobile and opening the AI market to everyone is at the core of what we do at AI4Nomads.

Throughout the world, those who moved successfully to remote models were able to survive the pandemic or at least managed to scrape by. Providing that kind of model to AI data annotation jobs and also creating a pathway to AI literacy will insulate millions more to have that kind of financial security that right now only the IT sector has. 

Our solution is simple. 

You get paid to train AI and learn eventually to work in AI.

On a mobile. 

Image by Heshan Perera

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


Our Founding Principles

Theory of Change

  • Our theory of change posits that immediate economic relief using existing skills empowers humans to seek learning and be open to new ways of earning an income. It opens their mind to see their own power and to see technology in a welcoming light instead of seeing it as the enemy of their livelihood.


  • We believe technology should be the bridge to economic and social equality, and not the obstacle.

  • We believe Humans of any age or education level can identify, label and provide contextual information on their surroundings.

  • Human vision, categorization, understanding of speech, language nuances and human ability to learn from experiences – these skills are innate to all.


  • They know how to navigate on a dime, as well as live on one. It is time we built a platform that can accommodate and accentuate this ability to help them thrive.


  • We don’t think labeling data has to be made so complex. Humans have been labeling, tagging data from birth! The problem is the interface. AI4Nomads believes in simplification of technology to enable everyone to participate in the digital economy.


The AI4Nomads Team

Get to Know Us

Susanna Raj_edited.jpg

Susanna Raj

Founder & CEO

Susanna is a nationally recognized public speaker, instructor, and an Affective Computing & AI Ethics Researcher with 7+ years of experience. Previously Researcher @Intel Anticipatory Computing Lab & Language Data Collection Researcher @ Amazon Lab126. She is an ACM, NeurIPS/WiML published researcher, a prolific writer, and an established artist.


Yogesh Kondareddy

Advisor in Machine Learning

Yogesh is a Technical leader in networking and embedded software development. He got his PhD from Auburn University and worked at Cisco Systems for over ten years building enterprise wireless networks. He currently works at Amazon bringing enterprise experience to consumer wireless networks. His interests include iOS development, data engineering, ML and their applications to simple needs.


Sudha Jamthe

Advisor in AI Business Model

Sudha is a globally recognized Technology Futurist with a 20+ year mix of entrepreneurial, academic and operational experience from eBay, PayPal and GTE.
Author of 6 books and teaches IoT, AI and Autonomous Vehicles business courses at Stanford Continuing Studies and at the Chair of the strategic advisory board for Barcelona Technology School.

Shilpi Agarwal

Shilpi Agarwal

AI DIET Advisor

Shilpi Agarwal is the Founder of DataEthics4All, a Community creating new STEM Pathways 4 Youth & celebrating Ethics 1st Minded Leaders & Companies. She advises Startups on the responsible development and use of AI from the lens of data, diversity, inclusion, impact, ethics, equity, teams and technology to help them create new solutions to improve the lives of people around the world.